The Colours of Wilston

After living in the area of a traffic signal box I managed to secure, I want to exhibit that the Wilston/Windsor/Herston area has a lot of beauty to it. I want to shows people walking by what meaning there is in different parts of their local area. The colours and patterns are inspired by elements of the environment, including; the Wilston House of which the suburb gets its name, natural heritage, indigenous history, historical landmarks, old Queenslander houses, the Alderly brickworks, Downey Park Netball community, Ballymore Stadium and the QLD reds, and the other vibrant fabrics of this community that are placed together.
And I wanted to do this all with goal of showing people how, from where they are standing when looking towards the box, they are part of this environment – perhaps encouraging them to explore and learn about more parts of the area.

It was a tremendous priviledge to participate in this project, and I would encourage others to give it a go themselves by applying through the Urban Smart Projects website.

Hopefully you like the finished product. Thank you graciously to Shane and Naomi for your help in making this come to light.

You can view the final piece at the corner of Newmarket Road and Noble Street, Wilston.

And a before shot

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